1927 Chevy Trucks
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1927 Chevrolet 1-Ton Gasoline Truck


Ice Delivery Truck



Chevrolet entered the 1-ton field in 1918 with their Series T, which has a 3.7 liter 4-cylinder splash-lubricated ohv engine, 3-speed gearbox, full electric worm drive and solid rear tires.  In 1923, when Chevrolet abandoned the larger F-series cars, the 1-ton trucks received the 2.8 liter power unit and spiral bevel drive.  Enclosed cabs came with the 1926 R-series, and at the same time, the light delivery range was extended to include a commercial roadster and a roadster pickup.  A four-speed option was first offered on the LM-series tonner of 1927, and was standardized, along with fwb, on the 1928 LP-series, the last of the 4-cylinder splash-lubricated family.  In 1929 an entirely new 6-cylinder engine was introduced in both the car and truck lines.  The pictured 1927 1 ton gasoline and ice delivery trucks are specials equipped with the LM-series engine and standard 3-speed transmission.


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